Business Development

Who benefits from TLC’s business development coaching? 


Who benefits from TLC’s business development coaching? 

  • Current equity partners desiring a larger slice of profits and greater influence.
  • Income partners who want to move up to equity partner.
  • Mid-level and senior associates with partnership ambitions.
  • New lawyers expected to bring in business.
  • Solo and small firm lawyers aiming for higher revenues and faster firm growth.

Start business development.

Create a bi-weekly Action Plan (using TLC’s template) containing specific tasks you will complete before your next coaching session.

Devise a structured, follow-up system containing all of your prospects and action steps designed to accomplish your rainmaking objectives.
   (1)    Choose diverse kinds of follow-up, not just lunches. (Using Top Lawyer Coach’s Follow-up Step Choices.)
   (2)    Use social media to increase visibility and credibility as a thought leader.
   (3)    If possible, delegate to your legal assistant contact management, calendaring rainmaking activities, and reminding you of upcoming events and meeting.


Build relationships with prospects and referral sources.

Polish your professional presence regarding:

(1)    External image. (2)    Internal attitude. (3)    Self-confidence. (4)    Non-verbal communication. (5)    Socializing. (6)    Public speaking.


1. Gain clarity about what you want and what you must do to get it.

2. Lay the ground work for business development.