Business Development

Build Your Book and Retain Clients


How does Business Development Coaching work?

Martha works with you to create a detailed marketing plan and build a bigger book of business faster than going it alone. That plan includes concrete revenue goals, the names of the prospective clients and referral sources you will pursue to hit those goals, and marketing strategies that work best for you.


With Martha’s help, you overcome the dread of working a room, learn how to network effectively for business results and get rid of self-sabotaging habits and negative thinking that hold you back.  Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can become skilled in working a room and holding one-on-one meetings with prospective clients and referral sources. Martha gives you tips on conversation starters, what to say about yourself and your practice, and how to cultivate long-term business and personal relationships that produce business year by year.


Raise your visibility 

You raise your visibility with target clients through doing presentations in front of your ideal clients and referral sources, participation in organizations that contain your prospects, holding one-on-one’s with prospective referral sources and clients, and utilizing LinkedIn and other social media to reach your prospects online. 


You learn how to ask for business, handle price objections, and create a structured follow-up system that keeps you on track and accountable to yourself and your coach so that you can reach your goals on time. Improving your time management enable you to meet your hourly billing goals each day and still carve out time for business development.

Enhance your Professional Presence

Coaching helps you polish your professional presence so you can:


Return on Investment 

When you bring a high level of commitment and energy to carrying out your business development plan, by the conclusion of coaching you will have created a sustainable marketing habit, expanded your network significantly, and attracted clients and referral sources that increase your book by as much as 30% over the course of 12 to 18 months.