Learn The Process

The TopLawyerCoach Model


Coaching is for high achievers who want to achieve their best…as great rainmakers, respected leaders, and desirable colleagues.

Here are step-by-step break downs of our proven coaching model and process – both designed to put you on track to achieve your professional goals.                              

 Step 1:  Set goals with time-tabled benchmarks to move your career forward.

Step 2:  Collaborate and strategize to build a marketing/business plan tailored for you.

Step 3:  Create an ACTION PLAN with tactical steps to achieve your goals week-by-week.

Step 4:  Receive ongoing coaching instruction on the following skills:

  • Rainmaking
  • Networking
  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Professional presence
  • Communication Skills
  • Issues specific to you

Step 5: Prior to coaching, if desired, take an online assessment that’s right for you:

  • Individual Personality Assessment (Winslow)
  • Strengths Finder Assessment
  • 360 Degree Feedback (anonymous evaluations from your peers)
  • Leadership Assessment  

Step 6:   Stay in touch by email with coach to receive support and motivation.

Step 7:   Hold yourself accountable for completing your action steps.

Step 8:   Measure YOUR RESULTS week by week.


How the Coaching Process Works

Step 1: Receive a COMPLIMENTARY coaching session by phone or in person.

  • You tell us your challenges, needs and problems. 
  • We tell you the results you could expect from coaching.  

Step 2:  Choose an engagement:

  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching

Step 3: Take an online assessment if desired to assist the coach in helping you.

Step 4: Attend an initial one to two hour coaching session to establish goals, create short/long range plans and customize coaching agenda.

Typical agendas include:

  • Duration of six months.
  • Sixty minute tele-coaching or in-person sessions twice a month.
  • Unlimited email support in between coaching sessions.
  • Unlimited short calls between sessions.
  • Creation of an initial Action Plan to establish goals, instructional content, and benchmarks for measuring ROI.
  • Submission of a Call Preparation Form – listing achievements, obstacles, or current issues- before each session.

Step 5: Measure the ROI month by month and clarify the results you have achieved.