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Top 5 Effective Law Firm Marketing Techniques

Consistent, profitable growth is hard for law firms to attain and sustain. Revenues can go up and down leading to painful cash flow problems. Many law firms – big and small – are forced, at some point, to take a hard look at their business development efforts and ask, “Is our firm getting the best return on  investment for what we’re spending on business development?”

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Don’t Let Expensive Networking Be a Waste of Time. Make Sure You Get Business Results!

When you are paying exorbitant rates to stay at luxury hotels and attend legal conferences and bar meetings that are out of town, you want a significant return on your investment from all the happy hours and mixers you attend. The best outcomes occur when you prepare in advance for that networking and do what it takes to make valuable contacts with prospective clients and referral sources.

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Develop the 7 Habits of Irresistible Lawyers and… Boost Your Business Development

Successful lawyers, regardless of what they lack—money, looks, or social connections—always radiate energy and confidence. Even the most skeptical clients find themselves enamored with these charming personalities. Those lawyers are the ones clients keep returning to for help, advice, and comfort.

So, it is worthwhile to ask these questions:

“What do they have that I don’t?”

“What makes those lawyers irresistible?”

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Don’t Let Success Stop Your Legal Marketing To Keep New Clients, Continue Marketing to Them

Assumption #1:
Once I land a new client, I don’t need to continue my marketing efforts. All I have to do is produce good legal work and be responsive, and the client will love me and keep coming back.

Assumption #2:
Now that I’ve succeeded in landing this client, I have to continue my marketing because it takes more than being a good lawyer to keep her….

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How much TIME should you spend on Legal Marketing?

Hold Your Own Feet to the Fire

The keys to success are self-discipline and accountability to yourself or to a coach.  Decide what days and times you are going to plan your legal marketing activities and put those dates on the calendar just as though they are client appointments.  Honor those times. Resist the urge to push aside your marketing time to later because, without establishing a marketing habit, later will never come…

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