Want to be an even better manager and leader?


Perfect your management and leadership skills so you can advance to the next level or be an even better leader than you already are. 


If you are currently an aspiring section head, managing partner, or General Counsel,   You can become an exceptional leader through coaching:

  • Drive positive change within your law firm or company.
  • Develop your own unique leadership style incorporating one of six different leadership models that fit you best.
  • Enhance your management skills to get maximum productivity from those who report to you.
  • Deliver constructive criticism without causing anger or hard feelings. Adopt communication methods that inspire extraordinary performance from your associates or in-house counsel. 
  • Maintain a strong, stable position among power brokers where you work.
  • Handle heavy loads and stressful situations without burning out. 
  • Stay composed under pressure by sharpening the emotional intelligence that allows you to self-regulate your emotional reactions in difficult situations.

You can become an outstanding leader who inspires those around you to perform their best and who truly makes a positive difference in the caliber of work they are producing, the revenues they are generating, and their development as the future leaders of your organization.

If you are a firm lawyer or in-house lawyer, Coaching can help you make partner or get promoted in-house.

Through coaching you will:

  • Master the best management and leadership skills necessary to move up to partner or to a managerial position in-house.
  • Distinguish yourself as a leader regardless of your age or title.
  • Grow your self-confidence and resilience to ask for what you want and get it.
  •   Develop the political savvy to position yourself advantageously with power players.  
  • Create a relationship strategy that identifies the decision-makers who decide your future advancement and a plan on how to establish those relationships. Cultivate a network of internal advocates who endorse you, go to bat for you, and have your back.
  • Eliminate negative beliefs and self-limiting habits that sabotage your leadership potential.
  • Stretch beyond your comfort zone to seek advancement in spite of self-doubt.


Take an online assessment that is right for you. (Optional)

○ Leadership Emotional Intelligence i-2.0
○ Leadership 360 Degree Emotional Intelligence i-2.0
○ Winslow Personality Assessment
○ Strengths Finder 2.0
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